The definition of Secondary amenorrhea: the absence of menstrual bleeding in a woman who had been menstruating but later stops menstruating for three or more months in the absence of pregnancy, lactation (production of breast milk), cycle suppression with systemic hormonal contraceptive (birth control) pills, or menopause.

Patient in her early thirties with her usual cycle was 30 days with 5 days bleeding, last period was in Jan 2012 and period before that is February 2012. She had been under constant stress. The amenorrhea was triggered also by sudden loss of weight of 30 lb within 3 months. Even after she regained weight, her amenorrhea did not go away. She had seen her western ob/gyn who noted her hormone levels were mostly normal except her estrogen level was a little low. There were no helpful solution (except hormone replacement or taking birth control pills).

The amenorrhea makes nature pregnancy impossible. Condition is to bring back the menstrual cycle. Normally this kind of amenorrhea could take long time or 3 months to bring back cycle. After that, the cycle could be irregular, meaning length could be varying. This patient had menstrual after taking Yin herbs F-P and Congwei,jiXueteng.
Plus some tonify Qi herbs.

After two cycles, patient went with IUI along with acupuncture and got pregnant. Treatment of amenorrhea can be very difficult and need patience. The new follicles need at least 70 days to grow. Also the bbt is in the single phase meaning fluctuation around 97.5F.