Many patients came with history of miscarriage with unknown reason. Generally speaking, the more week into miscarriage of pregnancy, the more complication she will have for the future pregnancy. Some people may have menstrual irregularities (PMS, cycle length, days of menses, etc). Some people may just have secondary Amenorrhea.

Even with that, acupuncture plus herbs therapy can be helpful for regulating menses and preparing future pregnancy.
Patient 35 years old had previous miscarriage at week sixth. Reason for miscarriage is unknown or unspecific. After that, her menses did not come back. She came to see me to bring back her menses and help to get pregnant.

After 3 weeks treatment, her menses came. But the first menstrual cycle is still not normal. We took 2 cycles to regulate her menstrual cycles for ovulation and maintaining luteal phase.

After 4 months of nature TTC, she got pregnant.