Normal sperm Semen Analysis Values
*Volume 2 ml or more
pH > or equal to 7.2
*Sperm concentration 20M/ml or more
*Total motility 50% or more
total motile sperm
Progression 2+ to 4
% normal morphology >= 4%
Round Cells <= 3M/ml WBC <= 1 M/ml Patient in his early thirties, had issue of low sperm volume and concentration, took acupuncture and herbs for one month. His sperm volume jumped from 2.3 ml pre-wash to 3.2 ml, 0.3 ml post-wash to 3.0 ml. His semen concentration jumped from 52 M/ml pre-wash to 134 M/ml and 67 post-wash to 160 M/ml. Total motile sperm from 80 to 250 M pre-wash and from 20M to 40 M post-wash. Also he felt much more energy. Wife also had fertility treatment for luteal phase deficiency BBT dip. Tried IUI. After 4 months and in the second IUI, pregnancy test is positive.