Female in early thirties with irregular menstrual cycles with variation between 70 to 90 days recently. Her blood hormone test on D3: FSH=7.6 E2=29.5 LH=12.9 (2.4-12.6) Prolactin=21.4 (4.8-23.3) Progesterone=127 (15-70). Latest cycle was 75 days. Never got pregnant before with unknown reason. No typical structure problems were found. Stress and cold. Looks like PCOS. However, her weight and vitals by her physician’s exam did not render. A number of lab tests may be ordered including blood sugar and androgen levels. A sonogram may also be done to evaluate the ovaries. Not typical PCOS. After acupuncture plus herbs for four months or her third cycles, she got pregnant. Note treatment can normalize and shorten the menstrual cycles to improve chance for nature pregnancy.

Patient’s favor: Nature pregnancy approach instead of IUI/IVF.

Problem observed in BBT:
Kidney Yang Deficiency and Qi Deficiency (tongue swollen and purple, thin white coating, face hue blue, pulse thin)
Luteal phase Deficiency with dip drop of temperature
Temperature drop lack of energy at menstrual phase
Temperature uptick lacks of energy.

Success pregnancy achieved on the third cycle. Good side is that she is still young and the follicle become more fertile after cycles of acupuncture and herbal treatment.

First Treatment Cycle: Acupuncture plus Chinese herbs, improving with shorter cycle.


Second Cycle: Acupuncture plus Chinese herbs, improving with shorter menstrual phase. more discharge.

Third Cycle: Acupuncture plus Chinese herbs, improving with lower D1 temperature, forceful ovulation. Pregnancy test positive.