Advanced age plays an important role in a woman’s ability to become pregnant and carry a pregnancy to term. As the eggs age, they become more resistant to fertilization, resulting in lower pregnancy rates. More of the eggs also tend to have chromosomal abnormalities, making miscarriage more likely.

Patient 44 years old single had tried IVF with sperm donor failed. Doctor in GW fertility associates said only 10% successful rate. Fsh 9.0, estrogen 40.7. HSG nomal. Diarrhea, Stress and anxiety. After three months treatment, IVF success. Her initial BBT shows Luteal phase deficiency.

Patient 46 years old single, tried IVF several times with sperm donor but failed. Cycle 26 days, hormone test normal. Acupuncture plus herbs and IVF pregnant after 10 months.

Patient age 43 years old married had 4 IVF unknown failure. Cycle 28 days. Small Pulps in uterus. After having acupuncture plus herbs for 4 months, she then went to IVF and got pregnant.

Patient age 44 years old married had tried 3 IUI and 3 IVFs. All had chromosome issues and miscarriages. She tried donor egg IVF and acupuncture plus herbs. After 2 months, she was tested positive of pregnancy and had birth of twin.